The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning


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Thursday 5th July

Time Session Presenter Venue
Registration open
8:45 - 9.00am Welcome James Dalziel/Leanne Cameron Lecture Theatre
9:00 - 9:45am Keynote 1: Learning design as a foundation for the future success e-learning [Abstract] [Audio] [Slides] Professor Diana Laurillard Lecture Theatre
9:45 - 10:15am Evolving Learning Design: emerging issues and potential future approaches [Abstract] [Audio] Lisa Corley, Sheila MacNeill, Dai Griffiths Lecture Theatre
Learning Design and the library of the future [Abstract] [Audio+Slides] [Video] Kate Pearce Room 1
Introducing LAMS: An overview for beginners Leanne Cameron Room 2
Technical strand**: Introducing LAMS V2.0: Under the hood
[More info LAMS Wiki: Tool Contract]
Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
10:15 - 10:45am LAMS and the pedagogy of inquiry: themes from an evaluation project [Audio] Philippa Levy, Ola Aiyegboyo, Sabine Little and Ian Loasby Lecture Theatre
Improving the adoption of learning designs in Australian universities: initial thoughts
Wanda Jackson Room 1
Collaborative learning in schools: A round-table discussion [Abstract] [Audio] [Slides] Leanne Cameron Room 2
Technical strand**: Intro LAMS V2.0: Under the hood cont. Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
10:45 - 11:15pm
Morning Tea
11:15 - 11:45am Perspectives on Learning Design with LAMS 2.0 for university lecturers [Audio] [Slides] Gregorio Rodriguez Gomez Lecture Theatre
  The effects of computer self-efficiancy, self-regulated learning strategy and LMS quality on learner's satisfaction [Paper] Jong Ki Lee Room 1
Using LAMS to facilitate an effective program of ICT instruction [Paper] [Audio] [Slides] Leanne Cameron Room 2
Technical strand**: LAMS installers and administration [Slides]
[More info LAMS Wiki: Downloads]
Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
11:45 - 12:15pm Integrating MOODLE-LAMS: Reflection and practice from a university point of view [Audio] Enrique J. Gonzalez Lecture Theatre
Game informed learning in the labyrinth: approaches to activity modelling in healthcare education Michael Begg Room 1
An overview of LAMS trials in schools in Australia and New Zealand [Slides] James Dalziel Room 2
Technical strand**: LAMS installers and admin cont.
[More info LAMS Wiki: Performance Tuning]
Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
12.15-12.45pm Developing languages, tools and methodologies for Learning Design [Audio] Christian Martel Lecture Theatre
When worlds collide: learning activity management for avatars [Slides] Andy Powell, Eduserv Room 1
Using LAMS in schools - an Australian perspective [Intro] [Audio] [Slides] Debbie Evans and Karen May Room 2
Technical strand**: LAMS installers and admin cont. Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
1:45 - 2:15pm The Open University Learning Design Project [Paper] [Audio] Martin Weller, Grainne Conole Lecture Theatre
LAMS Design for diversity leadership, followership and awareness [Paper] [Slides] Paul Carden Room 1
The changing role of the teacher: A round-table discussion Simon Walker Room 2
Technical strand**: LAMS tool creation hands-on [Slides]
[More info LAMS Development Wiki]
Ernie Ghiglione Room 3**
2.15 - 2.45pm Phoebe: The role of a pedagogic planning tool in promoting effective design for learning Liz Masterman Lecture Theatre
Using LAMS with ESOL students at Barnet College [Slides] Lorna Burns Room 1
The Agency of the Learner in the LAMS classroom Russell Francis Room 2
Technical strand**: LAMS tool creation hands-on Ernie Ghiglione Room 3
2.45-3.15pm RAMS Overview: An update on the research workflow tool [Slides] [Audio] James Dalziel Lecture Theatre
Models for learning: promises and pitfalls of generic learning designs Helen Beetham Room 1
The MOODLE / LAMS-RAMS integration [Slides]
Ernie Ghiglione Room 2

Technical strand delegates are invited to attend the MOODLE / LAMS integration presentation in Room 2 by Ernie Ghiglione

Room 3
3:15 - 3:45pm
Afternoon Tea
3.45-4.30pm New steps for LAMS and Learning Design: Bug fixes, branching and Pedagogic Planners [Slides] [Audio] James Dalziel Lecture Theatre
4.30-5.00pm Panel Session James Dalziel, Diana Laurillard and Simon Walker Lecture Theatre

Friday 6th July

We held an all day workshop for those new to LAMS V2.0. See workshop page for more details.

Saturday 7th July

A second workshop for those new to LAMS V2.0 but with a schools focu was held. See workshop page for more details.


**Intended audience for technical strand:

This is a technical seminar and we strongly recommend a solid understanding of object-oriented programming. Since LAMS is a Java based application, Java programming experience is welcome, however, not required.   In the technical strand we will unveil all the technical aspects of LAMS 2.0 and cover LAMSí modular architecture placing special emphasis on tool creation, using the LAMS tool contract.   After this workshop attendees will be able to follow the LAMS modular architecture to create collaborative LAMS tools.

Prerequisites for the technical strand:

Delegates attending the technical workshop should bring their own laptop. During the conference, participants will receive a LAMS 2.0 Workshop Package with all the software and necessary tools you need to start the technical workshop strand. It is important that technical strand delegates install all the required software and tools before the workshop. If attendees encounter any problems setting up the software and tools, please contact the