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LAMS International

LAMS International Pty Ltd is a commercial services company set up to assist with implementation and technical support for LAMS, working in conjunction with the LAMS Foundation. It has the right to offer LAMS support services, as well as commercial (ie, non GPL ) licenses for LAMS on behalf of the LAMS Foundation. In exchange, development of the core LAMS software by LAMS International Pty Ltd is owned by LAMS Foundation. LAMS International follows open source business models similar to those of companies like Red Hat Linux and MySQL.
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LAMS Community

The LAMS Community website is the online community for all teachers and administrators that use LAMS. This website provides teachers with interactive tools that can be used to share their views on latest's developments of LAMS and learning design as well as sharing their sequences with others at a global scale. This website is fostered by the LAMS Foundation and uses another free software community website .LRN.
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MELCOE Macquarie University

The Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) is a research centre in e-learning technologies at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. MELCOE is home to the core development team for LAMS, as well as other innovative projects such as the Meta Access Management System (MAMS) and Collaborative Online Learning and Information Services (COLIS) projects.
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