LAMS Launch CD
April 2005

Welcome to LAMS

On this site, you will find documentation, news, general resources and the LAMS Installers for LAMS. Using the tabs on the top of this page, you can get access to all the content.

So what is LAMS?

LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. These activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities based on both content and collaboration.

LAMS is freely available as open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). For information on how to install LAMS, see the Installers section

I'm new to LAMS - where should I start?

For a brief introduction to LAMS, see the animation. For further information about LAMS, see the Resources section. To install LAMS and begin using the software, follow the instructions in the Installer section. Alternatively, if you would like to get a LAMS account on an existing trial server (rather than install LAMS for yourself), email Karen Baskett ( requesting a LAMS account.

About this Site

This site is based on the LAMS Launch CD distributed at the launch ceremony on April 13th at Macquarie University. It has been designed as a comprehensive resource about LAMS as April 2005. There are articles, videos, manuals, etc, as well as an easy to use LAMS installer to help you set up and start using LAMS, and the LAMS source code for programmers. Most resources are part of this site - but some 3rd party resources are provided as links to the relevant internet site.

The major sections (accessed via the tabs at the top of the page) are:

  • News: where you will find all past Media Release about LAMS
  • Resources: where you will find videos about LAMS, as well as reports/articles from both LAMS and independent groups.
  • Documentation: where you will find various guides about how to use LAMS from the perspective of both teachers and learners.
  • Installers: where you can find easy to use installers for both Windows and Unix platforms
  • Support Services: where you will find information about fee-based services, such as technical support, training, integration, customisation, etc, available from the open source services company - LAMS International Pty Ltd
  • FAQs: where you will find a range of Frequently Asked Questions about the LAMS software, its future, business model, etc.
  • Ackowledgements: where you will find "thank yous" to the many people who have helped the LAMS initiative
  • Websites: where you can find information about, and links to, the major LAMS websites